Kathy & Danny Freeman A fire totally destroyed the Freeman home CASE DETAILS It wasn't the fire that killed the Freemans Vinita, Oklahoma, is a small rural town in Craig County. It was excluded from the FilmRise release of the Robert Stack episodes. He knew too much, they didnt want to get exposed so they silenced him by saying He committed suicide and by producing a fabricated suicide note. No one informed the family of Dannys death until two days later. Reward offered for suspect in '91 city rape, Police hope TV show locates alleged rapist (Page 1), Unsolved Mysteries scheduled to air Lancaster crime tonight, City man charged with '91 rape caught (Page 1), Teen describes alleged rape at hands of former boyfriend (Page 1), Man gets 5-15 years in prison for raping 13-year-old, Lancaster detective files final report after decades of "rock n' roll", Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Dora the Explorer would have done a better job than local police and medical authorities. Vinita, Oklahoma, is a small rural town in Craig County. Shortly before his death, he got into a physical fight with the son of one of his girlfriends. Nancy says it felt like the life went away from [her]. Nanette was then taken to the hospital. Extra Notes: Results: Captured - Authorities knew that in 1992, Danny had run a marathon in Puerto Rico under the name Sammy Laureano, but they had been unable to locate him. Sad but true.. Her death remains a mystery. Have there been any FOIA requests made? Sad that these journalist literally devote their lives and in cases like this sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the country. It probably would have been on the floor or the coffee table. It started as an inquiry into a computer software theft. According to him, that is not necessarily consistent with what happens in the real world. Sheriffs deputies took lie detector tests. West Virginia authorities and Department of Justice representatives declined to participate in this story. Nancy held back her disapproval for fear that Nanette would rebel against her. She immediately left to go to school. However, she is adamant that she saw Danny leave with the woman on Saturday, not Friday. Curiously, when the police removed the bullet, there was only one small spot which appeared to be blood on the paneling. In summer 1981, after becoming frustrated that he could not see them, he went to his ex-wife's home and demanded to be let in. Larry believes that the police came up with the conclusion of suicide and have gone to a great degree of effort to try to support their theory. Under hypnosis, he revealed that he had seen Rena arguing with a delivery man on the day that she was killed. Thats something we cant overlook.. And Lauria and Ashley were very close, maybe Ashley was very convincing/dominant with Lauria to help her execute this plan. Guilty. Guzman does not understand why they would argue that point. Riconosciuto testified about his knowledge regarding this case. While she tried to keep him distracted and talking, the police closed in. Privacy | Terms | DCMA | FAQ. Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 24, 1990 episode. Both of his wrists had been slashed several times. He said that his ghost still haunts room 517. His schoolwork was also left on his desk and his computer was still turned on. Extra Notes: This case first aired on the September 29, 1993 episode. Do you know about pizza gate? One strange footnote to this case occurred at Danny's funeral. The case that may have started it all, Charles Morgan's, was first aired on Unsolved Mysteries in 1990- with Doug's case getting a segment on the show on May 6, 1992. There had to be fifty people at Francess house. Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. Of course, murder is not out of the realm of possibility here. Danny's family believed that his murder was related to Rena's death. Sad for the family. Pat's divorce to Bob was going to be final on Tuesday. A body is a bit hard to miss, for even the most novice of investigators. He also said that if he did die, that Tony should not believe that it was an accident. They soon found an apparent suicide note that read: One theory is that there was an altercation somewhere else, during which Dannys blood and another persons blood was spilled. His last known address was 508 S. Ann Street. Danny has been charged with rape, statutory rape, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, and unlawful restraint. All Rights Reserved. Bill and Nancy spoke to Michael Riconosciuto, who claimed to have worked with the CIA on numerous top-secret projects. It was determined that Danny's wrists had been slashed a total of twelve times. Agent Nutter discounted that theory: If you wanted to consider that it was drug related, nothing fits correctly. The police ruled his death a suicide. A maid had found him in his bathtub. He says that if the police had put as much effort into trying to find out what the truth was and what happened, they would be working along the same lines that he and his family are today. Michaels drug conviction hurt his credibility, but another witness with perfect credentials stepped forward. Specifically, there was a bruise on his arm and head. On July 15, 2020, Busick pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of accessory to murder in an agreement with prosecutors. Just a few days before Danny Casolaro died, he told friends he was on the verge of breaking a huge story. Larry next brought in an independent forensic scientist, Mark Boese, to determine whether someone else had been in the house when Danny died. Did any of these locations have CCTV cameras? . At one point, he placed a handgun to his head. However, this theory was discounted. In 1980, the U.S. Justice Department became a major client. He asked her if she was okay, and she said no. However, no evidence was found to support that theory. Results: Unsolved Larry claims that some of the physical evidence turned up by the police themselves seemed to argue against suicide. She told them that she was not going to. In 1991, Rena's body was exhumed, and her cause of death was changed from "suicide" to "undetermined". Police have a rule in this country. When they screw up, they cover up. Larry disagreed with this, claiming that Danny was a partner in the business and a distribution manager and that he "could not go much higher" in the company. So we were suspicious from the first, and the deeper we dug into it, the more suspicious we became.. Police speculated that he may have been mistaken for Victor and killed as a result. The bullet that killed Danny was found in a nearby telephone line. A neighbor had witnessed Danny talking to an unidentified woman on the morning of his death. Any new leads? A maid had found him in his bathtub. Its just sad for the families to be still dealing with that pain.. Google it and see for your self. When Larry entered the den, he found Danny slumped on the couch, sitting in an upright position. Police haven't surrendered on unsolved killings, Family searches for the truth about death of their mother, Arrest made in 1985 Hooksett shooting death, Two deaths haunt a N.H. family. Boese has come to believe that Danny was probably not shot in the den. Its very odd that another journalist, gary webb died from an apparent suicide when investigating the cias involvement and collusion with cartels, arms dealers so that Reagan admin could fund/support the contras since congress didnt want to fund it. The very last thing that the people who committed the murder would want to do would be to abduct the children.. In 1980, the U.S. Justice Department purchased "Promise" to handle their millions of case files. It is believed that this abuse also helped motivate him to kill. If someone came forward with a high reward money amount someone would talk because money makes people talk. He claimed that people involved in covert operations in South America and the Middle East had distributed "Promise". You probably have a q tattoo and think the election was stolen. 2023 Copyright. A lot of different scenarios could have happened. I feel that shes still alive, but whether shes alive or dead, I want to know., We love her dearly and wish we could have her back, wish we could have both girls back, because at this point, Id take and raise em both and never let em go.. He later claimed that it was Edward Coolidge, Pamela Mason's killer. Suspects: Initially, it was suspected that Danny was accidentally killed by a hunter. Links: Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Shortly afterwards, they received two anonymous letters which stated that a man named Eric Windhurst was the killer. Dannys advocates believe that the true story of Dannys death began when he interviewed Bill and Nancy Hamilton, owners of a computer software company called INSLAW. Some of it would include IRS print-outs of certain individuals. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The body was identified as Danny Freeman, Kathys husband. He says that the investigators and crime labs that he has had working on the case saw the evidence in the house; they remain convinced that it was murder. I truely believe that Ronnie is the key to everything here and there are people close to him that know something soo get in touch with them. He dragged her into the nearby woods and pushed her down a hill. Shortly after the call, Judith met with Danny at the park. Nancy gave the phone to her cousin, Judith. Chief Schlaf says that their investigation indicated that the position of the hole in the wall was consistent with the way the body was found, primarily based on the fact that they cannot say specifically how Danny was sitting and exactly where on the couch he was sitting at the time the gun was discharged. Dan Casolaro - Unsolved Mysteries Dan Casolaro Was a journalist found dead in a hotel bath tub murdered because he was investigating a highly sensitive political cover-up? After the outburst, Danny was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Of course, murder is not out of the realm of possibility here. Maybe the girls did have something to do with Kathy and Dannys death. They had been trying to reach their twenty-three-year-old son, Danny, since early Saturday morning. For two years, he had managed distribution for the familys multimillion dollar apparel manufacturing company, Protexall. He reviewed the entire casefile and felt that Eric needed to be reinvestigated. On November 9, 1985, he was repairing a bulldozer while his two friends were working in the garage. On February 3, he was extradited to Pennsylvania to face the charges against him. It looked like they were used to wipe blood off the bathroom floor. This wasnt ineptitude: it was deliberate. Danny has been charged with rape, statutory rape, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, and unlawful restraint. It is weird why $200 was left, maybe they forgot it. Real Name: Daniel Neal Paquette For three days, nobody saw or heard from Danny. He called out to Danny, saying Danny, this is your dad. He did this because Danny had a gun for protection, and he did not want Danny to accidentally shoot him. She says it was an innocent relationship. Once the group left, Danny sprayed Nanette with mace again. A neighbor witnessed Danny being picked up by an unidentified woman on the same morning he supposedly died. Its weitten that he had 8 on his opposite wrists which makes sense, however they clog, which is why he went to the other wriste. There was speculation that his murder was related to one of his relationships. He concluded that it was either suicide or an execution-type murder. Shortly before the broadcast, however, an anonymous tipster provided police with specific information about Dannys car. Danny was an investigative journalist from Fairfax, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C. Martinsburg police arrived on the scene. The day before he died, Danny met with William Turner, a former employee of a major defense contractor. He was Richard Nixons Attorney General until he resigned rather than participate in the Watergate cover-up. An lie detector test is not permitted in court. This poor guy had a lot of cuts. Location: Galesburg, Illinois That has been debunked. This was followed up with a segment on the death of Danny Casolaro on March 10, 1993. He was shot six times. Tony claimed that Danny had been embalmed without the family's permission. Casolaro had none of these. He believed one of his new contacts would deliver key evidence about the finances of The Octopus. According to Michael Riconosciuto: Danny had a source inside the IRSs computer data center who was giving him hard copy printouts of IRS information on certain specific targets that Danny was after.. Anyway we can exchange information? Do I think they covered up here? No one at the funeral recognized him.
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